Chronic Care Management

We offer a comprehensive solution designed to enhance your medical practice’s profitability and quality of patient care. Our program, led by RCCP in collaboration with our esteemed care coordinator partner focuses on deeply engaging with patients via a user-friendly interface. This approach is aimed at achieving higher patient satisfaction without the need for extra clinical staff, thereby increasing your revenue. Moreover, our program significantly reduces administrative burdens and increases clinical visits for physicians, thereby enhancing the overall quality of care delivered.


RCCP is committed to empowering physicians to adopt value-based care solutions. These solutions are tailored to provide robust patient support, increase reimbursements, and ultimately lead to superior patient health outcomes. From a physician’s perspective, maintaining healthcare quality becomes challenging due to numerous administrative tasks. To address this, Chronic Care Management, initiated by CMS in 2015 as part of a value-based care model, aims to aid patients in attaining better health through well-coordinated, continuous care and effective management of chronic conditions.

What We Offers:

As a dedicated partner, we provide Medicare-based solutions engineered to enhance patient care and increase profitability, without overburdening your medical staff. The key features of our program are designed to streamline your workflow comprehensively. Here are some of the standout features:


  • Personalized Care Coordination
  • Professionally Certified Care Coordinators
  • Elimination of the Need for Additional Clinical Staff
  • Enhanced Reimbursement Opportunities
  • Continuous and Uninterrupted Monitoring
  • Improved Patient Engagement Strategies
  • Complimentary Training for Seamless Adaptability
  • Customizable Reports & Detailed Insights

How The Program Works?

Through partners, we enable healthcare providers to offer Chronic Care Management Services with high efficacy. Our team of experts assists in maximizing Medical CCM Reimbursements and ensures seamless medication management for patients. Our program, featuring multilingual care coordinators, empowers practices to effectively manage patients with chronic illnesses, focusing on specific goals, barriers, and desired outcomes. The Care Manager provides vital support in scheduling appointments, refilling prescriptions, and aiding in self-management. Additionally, they assist in creating comprehensive care plans, addressing patient health concerns, and monitoring progress through regular monthly phone consultations. During these calls, patients have the opportunity to discuss any health-related issues or concerns.

We meticulously document all health conditions to regularly update the care plan. This enables providers to have access to the most current, customized insights and information necessary for maintaining high-quality healthcare between office visits. This proactive approach allows providers to anticipate and address potential patient issues promptly, thereby preventing urgent medical situations. Moreover, a copy of the care plan is made available to patients, enabling them to share it with other healthcare providers involved in different aspects of their care.

Enrollment in the CCM Services:

Accessing our CCM services is straightforward and just a phone call away. Enrollment in this program requires just verbal consent over the phone. We encourage you to check your eligibility for this program with your Physician. Remember, you have the flexibility to cancel your enrollment at any time should your circumstances change.

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