Remote Patient Monitoring

Our advanced Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) system is at the forefront of patient-centered healthcare. It’s designed to efficiently and conveniently monitor and manage patient health outcomes in real time. This program is a pivotal step towards providing top-notch healthcare services to patients beyond the traditional clinical environment. Leveraging the principles of preventative healthcare, Aura Health Solutions, Inc. offers a comprehensive monitoring solution. Our system utilizes real-time data and evidence-based analytics to enhance patient management, leading to improved patient engagement and healthcare outcomes. Regularly, we assess care plans, monitor monthly performance metrics, and generate detailed billing reports to facilitate better revenue streams for healthcare practices. This system is a strategic addition to any practice, boosting revenue and reputation without the need for extra staff.

State-of-the-Art Monitoring Devices :

Our RPM system includes FDA-approved monitoring devices that utilize cutting-edge cellular technology. These devices ensure continuous, round-the-clock monitoring and automatically send patient readings to our proprietary monitoring system. Integration with the practice’s Electronic Health Records (EHR) system is seamless, ensuring rapid data transmission. Our team provides comprehensive operational training for patients, ensuring they can utilize these devices effectively for constant monitoring. We pride ourselves on our HIPAA-compliant application, which features a cloud-based portal for secure, easy-to-access data analytics and point-of-service interfaces.

Extensive Benefits of RPM :

In today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, providers are constantly seeking innovative solutions. Our RPM system offers a robust platform to enhance practice revenue and patient satisfaction, particularly for patients managed outside traditional clinical settings. This innovative approach has led to significant improvements in health outcomes, increased patient retention rates, a streamlined patient onboarding process, and unparalleled patient engagement coordination. Furthermore, it contributes to a reduction in overall healthcare costs, less reliance on clinical staff, and allows physicians more time for direct healthcare operations.


Our system is especially beneficial for patients with acute and chronic conditions. It provides them with convenient access to quality healthcare from the comfort of their homes. Real-time data transmission enables healthcare providers to receive up-to-date health information, allowing them to develop effective and responsive care plans. This at-home healthcare access saves patients both time and money that would otherwise be spent on clinical visits. In our patient-centric model, patients have greater control over managing their conditions, armed with comprehensive knowledge and support from our dedicated care coordinators and physicians. This personalized care approach empowers patients to lead higher-quality lives while effectively managing their health conditions.

Comprehensive Operation of the Remote Patient Monitoring Program :

Our program operates through a meticulous process. Care coordinators conduct initial pre-screening to identify patients who meet specific insurance and program criteria. Eligibility lists are updated regularly, aligning with each practice’s schedule. To ensure top-notch management and quality assurance, we conduct thorough reviews of monthly performance and care plans. Our certified, multilingual coordinators diligently monitor daily device readings and maintain communication with both patients and healthcare practices to manage critical and high readings effectively. We also provide extensive counseling services to support patients in adopting healthier lifestyles.


Our commitment extends to providing continuous support, ranging from technical assistance during setup to comprehensive billing operations for reimbursements. In the event of technical issues, our expert team is always available to provide swift and effective solutions. We also offer detailed technical education and training to both clinical staff and patients to maximize the benefits of the monitoring devices. Additionally, our medical billing specialists provide thorough billing reports to assist in revenue generation for healthcare practices.

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